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Covid-19 Guidelines

As you may know, there are additional guidelines to ensure our staff and client safety.

If you are feeling under the weather, please contact us to reschedule your appointment. We do require 14 hours notice to cancel or change any appointments and appointments canceled or rescheduled within 14 hours will be charged full rate. 

If you are feeling ill and need to cancel within 14 hours, we will apply the cancellation fee toward your next appointment. You will not lose anything for canceling when you feel ill. 

There are more regulations and guidelines from CA that we are required to follow:

  • For your safety, all of our massage therapists and staff are vaccinated & boosted when needed. 

  • Once again a mask mandate is in place for Nevada county and all therapists and customers are expected to wear their masks at all times.

  • We have a state of the art HVAC system with a M13 HEPA filter. The treatment rooms and common areas have constant airflow for your safety. The air in the rooms is replaced every 7 minutes. 

  • Enhanced sanitized measures have been put in place. We are using EPA-approved disinfectants and paying extra attention to high-touch surfaces. This includes enhanced cleaning in between sessions and routine deep cleaning.

  • Each Therapist has a daily contact log to easily identify which room they used for the day, clients they worked on, times sanitized etc. 

  • Your Therapist will be ​asking a few Covid-19 related questions prior to the start of your treatment and will be going over anything they find during the session directly after (prior to leaving the room). If you have any questions for your therapist please ask before they exit the treatment room, once you open your treatment door you will be directed to either the restroom or to the reception area.